All Might Fans, Do You Really Know Him?


What are All Might's favorite things?

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What color is All Might's phone?

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What catchphrase did he use as his phone ringtone?

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Where is the location of All Might's hero agency?

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What date was Yagi Toshinori born?

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Who is the person who gave him All for One quirk and also became his mentor?

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Which of the following is All Might's super move?

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Which of the following is NOT All Might's super move?

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How much did All Might weigh when he was in the shape of a muscular superhero?

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How tall is All Might when he is in the shape of a muscular superhero?

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What color are All Might's eyes?

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What is All Might's blood type?

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Where is All Might's birthplace?

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What is his fighting style like?

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What team did All Might join?

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Where is the location of the scar caused by All Might's battle with All For One?

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What is the name of the pro hero who has the same birthday as All Might?

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Who made costumes for All Might when he was young?

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How many One For All quirk users before All Might?

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Who was All Might's partner when he eradicated crime in Los Angeles?

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All Might
You don't know All Might enough. Your score shows that.

You are rather familiar with All Might. There is still a lot of information that you can explore to get to know him better.

You know All Might very well. Just need a little more information to find out all the information about him.

You really are a big fan of All Might, you managed to answer all questions correctly.

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All Might is the ultimate superhero in comic book and Japanese anime called “My Hero Academia” created by Kohei Horikoshi.

If you love this manga/anime, you should recognize this superhero immediately as his appearance is different from any other characters.

He is a large, muscular man, almost Superman-like in the physique.

All Might Trivia and Facts You Should Know

All Might has some stories in his life that some people might not know.

These are some of the best facts that you need to know about the main hero of the manga/anime.

Facts about All Might’s Origin

One of the most exciting things about All Might is his origin and conceptions.

There are a lot of going on behind the scene that every fan of this anime and manga needs to know.

On this section, you will figure out the truth about the origin and conceptions of the superhero.

That way, you can find out new things about the superhero, and you can use it for trivia.

  1. His Real Name Means “Genius”

The real name of All Might is Toshinori Yagi. In Japanese, “Toshi” means “Genius”.

It explains a lot about his abilities and his contribution to the whole story of the manga and the anime. Indeed, he is the most genius of all.

  1. He Has the Same Voice as Vegeta

Every character on this anime has two versions of voice, at least: the Japanese one and the English one.

For the English voice of the superhero, you may notice that he sounds very familiar.

Yes, indeed, the All Might voice actor for the English version is the very same man as the voice actor of Dragon Ball’s Vegeta.

The name is Christopher Sabat. He is a senior voice actor who has been dubbing a lot of characters from Japanese anime for the English version.

        3. Goku Mostly Inspired the Character

If you notice that All Might looks a bit like Goku from Dragon Ball, you are about to get right.

When creating the character, Kohei Horikoshi has a lot of inspirations going on in his head.

He thought about the combination of Goku and Superman, most of the time.

Goku has mostly inspired the witty personality of Toshinori Yagi.

  1. His Two Personalities

When he is in full power, the character looks really massive and powerful.

However, when he is not in his power transformation, he looks like a typical blond guy with his bangs and everything.

Yes, this character has two personalities, and they both related to power.

The power gives Toshinori Yagi a brand new personality with all his smiles and confidence.

As when he is not using his power, he will look like young All Might who is shy and reserved. 

Facts about All Might’s Power

There is a reason why All Might is called that way.

Toshinori Yagi is blessed with that name because he has tons of power.

Down below are the facts and trivia about the superhero’s power.

It includes the origin of this power and the relationship between him and Deku, the main protagonist of the story, related to the One-for-All quirk. Here they are.

  1. The 8th Holder of One-for-All

One-for-all is the ultimate quirk. Also, the most powerful one exists in the universe.

All Might is the 8th holder of the quirk. He inherits it from Nana Shimura.

He won’t use it forever, though, as he will eventually transfer the quirk to the main character of the story, Izuku Midoriya or Deku.

  1. Why He Choose Deku

There is one particular reason why All Might chooses Deku to inherit his One-for-All quirk and grooms him right from the very beginning of the story.

Deku was born without any quirk or power. It is the fact that it gets him bullied all his life.

Toshinori Yagi himself was born without power, but he gains it gradually throughout his life.

That is the very same thing that connects him and Deku and eventually makes him pass the quirk to Deku.

  1. The Names of His Super Moves are Based on USA Cities and States

This character is very American.

Even every power and super moves from All Might are named after US cities or US states.

There are California Smash, Nebraska Smash, Detroit Smash, New Hampshire Smash, and many more.

Facts about All Might’s Appearance

As stated before, All Might has a different appearance compared to other characters.

He is so large and has muscles all over his body.

What else do you need to know about this appearance, both his physical appearance and his contribution to the story? Well, you can find out more about it by reading these facts down below.

It will enhance your knowledge about the superhero.

  1. He Looks Like American Superhero

If you take a look at All Might’s face, you will realize that he is so American.

He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and his outfit is basically in the color of the USA flag.

Yes, everything about it is right.

He is loosely based on American superheroes, and Kohei Horikoshi wants him to look as American as possible.

He is the combination of Kal El (Superman) and Captain America.

  1. He Has His Own Catchphrase

Every great character has his own catchphrase, and so does this superhero.

The All Might I Am Here is the signature catchphrase of him.

He always says, “I am Here” whenever he appears, expected or not.

It is believed that he loves this catchphrase so much and use the recording of him saying the catchphrase as his phone’s ringtone.

  1. He is the Theme of Deku’s Bedroom

Deku is a big fan of this superhero.

Everything in his bedroom is in the theme of Toshinori, including his wallpaper and bed sheet.

Deku’s closest friends, who have been visiting his room, even notice that he keeps underwear with Toshinori’s face on it. 

It is believed that this character is one of the most important heroes in the story.

He is as essential as Deku, the main character.

Even Deku admits that he is a big, big fanboy of Toshinori Yagi.

For those who love the story and all characters from this particular anime/manga, those facts about All Might up there should be read and understood indeed.

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