Anime Eyes: Can You Guess The Name Of The Eye Power?


This eye belongs to Allen Walker, who is a character in the "D.Gray-man" anime. His left eye can detect and see the souls of demons from a considerable distance. What is the name of the eye?

Anime Eyes 1
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These eyes belong to Seijuro Akashi, the main character of "Kuroko No Basket" anime. These eyes can be able to know the next movement of his opponent. So, do you know the name of Seijuro's eyes?

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Ciel Phantomhive, one of the main characters from "Kuroshitsuji" anime, has a right eye that can summon a demon butler named Sebastian Michaelis. What is the name of Ciel Phantomhive's eye?

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With his eyes, Bickslow (from "Fairy Tail" anime) can control the soul of the person who looks at him. What is the name of his eyes?

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In the Yu Yu Hakusho anime, Hiei has eyes on his forehead which gives him the power of telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, energy manipulation, and many more. What's the name of Hiei's eyes?

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Lelouch vi Britannia aka Lelouch Lamperouge has a left eye that can hypnotize and control others who are staring at him. What is the name of the eye?

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One of the main characters in Getbackers, Ban Mido, has eyes that can make someone who stares at him to see an illusion for one minute. What is the name of Ban Mido's eyes?

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These eyes belong to the Uchiha clan and are used to imitate Jutsu and also to see other shinobi chakras. What is the name of this eye?

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This dominant eye in the Death Note series can see the lifespan and name of a person above their heads. What is the name of this eye?

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This type of sight is owned by the Hyuga clan in the Naruto series. These eyes can see the flow of chakra in the body of other ninja and can also see almost 360 degrees around the owner of the eye. What is the name of this dominant eye?

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This eye belongs to Pegasus J. Crawford from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series. This eye is able to see the strategy of the opponent and can also see one's memory. What is the name of this eye?

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This eye is one of the powerful eyes in the Naruto series. One of the greatness of this eye is that it is able to make chakra chains that are used to bind the tailed beast. What is the name of this eye?

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. Evergreen's eyes, who is a member of the Fairy Tail guild, can turn a person into stone. What is the name of this eye?

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David's eyes, which are one of the characters in Soul Eater, can perform spatially and attribute ice magic. What is the name of this eye?

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Bradley's eye, one of the figures in Full Metal Alchemist, can predict the movements that will be carried out by his opponent. What is the name of this eye?

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Anime Eyes
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Anime eyes could be an essential aspect of the whole character.

Everyone knows that most anime characters, or Japanese cartoon animation characters, are drawn with massively large eyes.

The eyes seem to be exaggerated and disproportionate.

However, this becomes the distinctive look of anime character to this day.

All You Need to Know about Anime Eyes and Its Origin

There are so many facts related to anime eyes that you should know.

Here you will find all the things you need to know about the eyes.

Facts about Anime Eyes

They will give you better understandings about the large, gorgeous eyes drawn on manga character or anime character.

Down below are several facts for you to read.

It will reveal some of the unique things revolving around the eyes drawn on your favorite anime characters.

  1. Inspired by Betty Boop

For those who want to know the real inspiration behind those large anime eyes, the answer is Betty Boop.

The “founding father” of anime, Osamu Tezuka, was so drawn into Betty Boop.

Betty is one of the earliest cartoon characters of the 20th century.

She is so appealing with her large, stunning eyes that somehow look disproportionately massive on her face.

This is why Osamu Tezuka starts drawing characters with large eyes as he wanted the character to look as attractive as Betty Boop.

The eyes quickly become the signature look of anime eyes drawing as it is brought to dominate the face, and that will be the first thing people see when looking at the character.

  1. The Reason Why They are So Large

The reason why they are so significant is that Osamu Tezuka wants them to reflect the human emotion quickly.

Again, inspired by Betty Boop, whose eyes reflected her feelings so immediately, Osamu Tezuka felt that the eyes should be the most defining factor on the entire face.

The eyes should be able to tell the emotion as well as the soul of the character itself.

  1. Not All of Them are Big

Even though most of the anime eyes are drawn disproportionally large and massive, not all of them are that way.

Several infamous Japanese anime/manga designers love to draw their character with realistically proportioned eyes.

They also love their character to be more human-like with the appropriate size of the eyes and traditional colors.

One of the examples of the animator with this thought is Hayao Miyazaki, who co-founded Studio Ghibli back in 1985.

  1. There are Several Types of Them

Drawing anime eyes is not too easy to do, especially when you know that there are tons of types of them.

Mainly, the eyes’ types are divided into three: chibi eyes (the most unrealistic one), semi-realistic eyes, and realistic eyes.

All of them have been used quite often in anime or manga drawing, with chibi eyes becoming the most frequent one to use.

Best Anime Eyes on Male Character

Let’s take a look at the examples, and let’s start by listing the male anime character with the most beautiful anime eyes.

There are so many of them, and the eyes are very pretty here.

However, these three characters emerge as the winner as they are drawn with the most enchanting eyes. Here they are.

  1. Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

The first male characters on anime history with beautiful anime eyes are Kenshin Himura.

The first people see of this character is probably his X scar on the cheek.

When you take a look at his eyes, you will definitely realize that he has the prettiest violet-colored eyes that sometimes can change into golden color.

  1. Sawada Tsunayoshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

When it comes to anime characters with gorgeous eyes, you cannot forget Sawada Tsunayoshi.

He is one of the most famous characters with the best male eyes ever.

His eyes are large, bold, and the color is just so breath-taking. He has orange-colored eyes, almost in the same color as his thick, spiky hair.

  1. Train Heartnet (Black Cat)

The point of the large eyes is basically to capture the expression.

Of course, Train Heartnet from Black Cat can do that easily as his anime boy eyes are so stunning.

His eyes remind you a lot to cat’s eyes.

Indeed, he has such amazing gold-colored eyes, and they do look like the cat’s eyes.

As the main character of Black Cat, Train looks quite inspired by the animal itself.

Best Anime Eyes on Female Character

As we are done with the male anime character with the prettiest eyes, now it is time for the ladies.

In female character, eyes are even more critical as they can depict the expression more successfully.

This is why almost all female characters in any anime or manga are drawn by stunning eyes as the focal point on their face.

These three characters are considered to have the prettiest anime eyes.

  1. Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)

For female characters, Eru Chitanda is considered to have the best anime eyes female.

She has large, violet-colored eyes, and the rest of her face is just gorgeous.

She is often listed as an anime character that has stunning hair and outfit, too.

  1. Nia Teppelin (Gurren Lagann) 

Nia Teppelin is well-known as one of the most stunning anime girl eyes.

Her eyes are different compared to any other anime character.

The dominating color of her eyes is sky blue, and she has a sort of pink cross in the middle of her eyes. It makes her look even more stunning.

  1. Violet (Violet Evergarden)

The last female character with pretty anime eyes listed here is, of course, Violet.

She is drawn with the most beautiful eyes on an anime character.

She has like the bluest eyes on her face, and they are quite wide and reflect her many emotional expressions all the time.

Those are some of the facts and examples that you need to know about the eyes drawn on anime characters.

They are the focal point on the face, and that is why drawing the eyes can be the most intimidating part of the entire manga-drawing process.

The anime eyes will literally capture the soul of character as the whole.

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