Bakugo Katsuki, Do You Know What Type Of Person He Is?


What is Katsuki Bakugo's nickname?

Bakugo Katsuki 1
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From the answers below, what character does Katsuki Bakugo not have?

Bakugo Katsuki 2
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How old was Katsuki when he could read perfectly?

Bakugo Katsuki 3
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What other talent does Katsuki Bakugo have?

Bakugo Katsuki 4
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Where was his rank when he took the Quirk Apprehension Test?

Bakugo Katsuki 5
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Where was Katsuki Bakugo rank when he took the U.A. Entrance Exam?

Bakugo Katsuki 6
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Where was Katsuki rank when he took the U.A. Sports Festival?

Bakugo Katsuki 7
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During the U.S.J incident, who was the B-rank villain that he could defeat single-handedly?

Bakugo Katsuki 8
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What kind of quirk does Katsuki have?

Bakugo Katsuki 9
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What is the name of the strongest super move Katsuki Bakugo has?

Bakugo Katsuki 10
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Which one below is not Katsuki Bakugo's super move?

Bakugo Katsuki 11
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12. Which of the following is not Katsuki's equipment?

Bakugo Katsuki 12
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Who is Katsuki Bakugo's father?

Bakugo Katsuki 13
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Who is Katsuki's mother?

Bakugo Katsuki 14
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What is his favorite food?

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What is Katuski Bakugo's favorite activity?

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What date was he born?

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If sorted by age from the oldest to the youngest in his class, in what position was Katsuki ranked?

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Katsuki shares the same costume designer with another student. Who is the student?

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Katsuki Bakugo used his Explode-A-Pult super move for the first time during the fourth round of the Joint Training Battle. Who was his Class 1-B opponent at that time?

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It seems like you know a little about Katsuki Bakugo, but from this quiz answers you will definitely gain knowledge about him.

You know Katsuki quite well, and from this quiz answers we are sure you will increase more knowledge about him.

You know Katsuki very well, you must be his fan.

Congratulations, you answered all the questions correctly. You must be his big fan.

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The fans of My Hero Academia should have known about Bakugo.

This character is also known as Kacchan for his childhood friends.

He is one of two main protagonists characters in the story who is also a student of the hero department.

His role is a member of the class for training and becomes a pro hero.

No wonder many people like him, and there are specific accessories and clothes dedicated to him.

You must collect a bakugo hoodie or bakugo fanart to satisfy your feeling if you are a fan.

All about Bakugo: Character Analysis and Fact Check

His physical appearance is a man with spiky blonde hair.

He has fair skin and a slim body. He is often called as Bakugo Katsuki by the fans.

The character he possed explains kindness, and that’s no longer a question why many people like him.

He was initially a very sympathetic character ever.

Even if he actually has the protagonist role, in order to make the story interesting, the original draft was changed his personality.

Sometimes, he also insulted others even if it has unintentionally happened.

Facts about Bakugo Katsuki as a Famous Character

There might be some facts about Bakugo that you haven’t known before. So, here some spoiler contents for you to increase your knowledge about this character.

  1. Parent of Bakugo

The name of Bakugo itself is actually a family name from Mitsuki Bakugo and Masuru Bakugo.

His mother, Mitsuki, is introduced by the producer as a character who is emotionally unstable and a fiery mother.

This opinion is supported by the fact that she inherits her tempered nature to Katsuki, knowing he goes against his mother and is sometimes being rebelled.

His mom is someone who supposed to be very close to him. That’s why he will imitate everything she does.

  1. Katsuki’s Best Friend

In the story, he has a friend named Deku as the main character of My Hero Academia.

His character is a kind boy full of caring and strong-willed.

However, sometimes he can be dramatic, but in the battle, he always puts winning as his primary goal.

Deku is Bakugo’s childhood friend and always been under him when they are a child. In other words, Katsuki is better because he’s not weak.

It’s still questionable does he like Deku or not.

Deku always sees Kacchan and admire him, but it is not going mutually for Kacchan.

That’s why there’s a statement that Bakugo x Deku is a rival, not a real friend.

But another named is created in the story, which is Kirishima.

Bakugo and Kirishima are even closer because Kirishima is depicted as the admirer of Bakugo.

However, there’s speculation about them that they are not only a friend but also once a lover. Yet until now, there’s no intense depiction of this.

  1. Hero’s Name

This is one of the fun facts that Bakugo has unofficial hero name: Bakushinchi.

This name means “the center of an explosion,” or in English, it can be said as Ground Zero.

Not all people know about this fact because it is seldom to be talked in the fan’s page.

Some fans have an opinion this name is a reflection of the desires in the story when he wants to make the world being his project.

  1. Uncommon Story Line of Bakugo

The further story about Bakugo is not as typical as another story, so it’s no longer a doubt why people are screaming to express how much they like watching this.

As time goes by, he is getting older as a character, and he loses his hearing.

This is, of course, answering the question of fans that does he goes deaf after getting older.

  1. The Love Story

Bakugo, in the story, is created by the author to have someone who tries to understand his feeling and weakness, named Uraraka.

From the author’s story, what is trying to be depicted is how Bakugo and Uraraka is a match even if when they have such different personalities.

Uraraka is a sweet, girly, and lovable character, while Bakugo is the one with tempered and brutal nature.

  1. Controversy of Bakugo’s Death

The last uncommon fact about Bakugo is his death.

Many of you must be questioning, does Bakugo die in the climax of the story? The answer is NO.

He is not dead at all. In season three, surely, he is a helpless man when villains captured him.

However, it was the end of the story, and the fact says he is not even dead.

These facts prove how far the story can be so exciting, and it will remain special because the conflict goes wild and amazing.

The author takes intentions and depicts the real character of a specific name in the story, which is creative and fun.

It is hard to predict what happens next, knowing the conflict is unpredictable, mainly how it depicts Bakugo as one of the main characters in the story.

Bakugo’s Fame Post-My Hero Story-Euphoria

After the era full of My Hero Story Euphoria, there are many trends related to Bakugo since he gets his fame bigger.

Graphic designers, creators, or art workers are creating their majesty work related to the story.

They create a Bakugo gif, and it’s successfully downloaded a thousand times by fans.

This is how they show their reaction and support.

The Bakugo lyric is also being the trend that eager fans hold a special event to sing it loud together.

Many committees also hold Bakugo cosplay as a celebration and time to liberate show up how fanatic you are in love with the character.

This euphoria can be a new trend for the next fanbase of a specific character. The way you show your love to the character is various. Moreover, you are free to express it with many people.

Bakugo character in the story gives a unique impression to the viewers because the author depicts the character as unpredictable through many stories and scenes out of the box.

It is triggering many creators to create funny things, such as Bakugo memes related to the story that can be enjoyed and shared by many layers of people, not only limited to the fans.

Therefore, even if the story will end, the memories will remain in the eyes and ears of those who ever watch and know the story.

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