Deku Fans: Test Yourself Whether You Really Know Him


How old was Deku when he first appeared?

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How tall is Izuku?

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What color are Izuku's eyes?

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What is Deku's blood type?

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After fighting with his classmates, Izuku's right hand's finger changed slightly. Who was the friend who challenged him at that time?

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Who is Izuku's father?

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Who is Izuku's mother?

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What date was Izuku born?

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What is Izuku's favorite food?

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What is Izuku's student number?

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During U.A. Entrance Exam, what was Deku's rank?

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When taking the Quirk Apprehension Test, what was Izuku's rank?

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From the midterm test results, what was Deku's position?

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How many months did Deku do intensive training with All Might?

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During junior high school, what kind of uniforms did Izuku wear?

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In the one-shot manga, Izuku planned to appear as an adult. What is Deku's name on that one-shot?

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Besides the Midoriya Team, on what other team did Izuku join?

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What fighting style did Deku make when training with Gran Torino?

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What's the name of Izuki's junior high school?

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In which area did All Might train Deku for ten months?

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You just know Deku, this can be seen from your score.

You are a bit more familiar with Deku. There is still a lot of information you can find about him.

You know Deku very well. You seem like his loyal fan.

You really are a big fan of Deku, you managed to answer everything correctly.

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Deku or Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist in My Hero Academia, both for the manga and the anime.

He is a cute character with a lot of back-stories.

In the world where superpower is common, he does not have any, making him struggling a lot to fit in throughout the story.

Fun Facts about Deku and His Friends from My Hero Academia

If you love Izuku and his quirk-less journey, you can read all the fun facts about him down below.

Facts about Deku and His Origin

Deku is such a unique character as he looks different, and he does not have a superpower or “quirks” as everybody else in the story does.

For those who want to figure out a lot of things about him, these are the facts you should know about Izuku, including about the meaning behind his name and his favorite food, too.

This will help you a lot while dealing with the anime trivia.

  1. The Many Meanings behind His Name

As we know, Deku is a nickname to bully Izuku. It was first used by Bakugo back when they were all just small children.

However, the name actually has so many meanings in Japanese.

Its literal meaning is “puppet”.

It was probably used by his bully, Bakugo, to say that Izuku is useless.

The word can also refer to “dekiru,” which means “capable of doing anything.”

  1. The English Meaning of His Name

This Kohei Horikoshi manga has become famous and then translated to many other languages other than Japanese.

In its English version, Deku has its meaning.

It is the abbreviation for “Defensless Izuku.”

This was probably Bakugo’s idea to torment Izuku even further.

That term hurts, though.

  1. He Loves Katsudon

Deku is portrayed as a funny, whimsical teenager with a happy heart.

He is also a foodie, and his favorite food is katsudon.

It is like a Japanese traditional rice dish topped with deep-fried pork cutlet, usually called “katsu.”

There are so many parts of the story where Izuku is enjoying a bowl of piping hot katsudon.

This is also a reason why many people who try to cosplay Izuku will carry a bowl of katsudon as it has become a signature accessory for the whole outfit.

The popularity of katsudon dishes in the western world grows higher, too, after the manga and anime reach the world-wide level.

  1. He Wasn’t Supposed to Be a Child

When Kohei Horikoshi came with the idea of creating a story of someone power-less in a world of superpower, he didn’t even think about a child or pre-teen as the main character.

In his mind, Deku was supposed to be an adult with exceptional physical features.

However, Kohei Horikoshi eventually decided that the manga was going to be more whimsical, and that was basically when the character of goofy Izuku Midoriya was created.

  1. He’s Pretty Smart

Deku is often considered a miserable child as he has no quirks and gets bullied all the time.

However, this character is so relatable as he is pretty smart.

It is like something right (at last) in his series of unfortunate circumstances.

It is written in the story that Izuku does pretty well in Class 1A and reach the #4 rank. Not bad!

Deku and Ochaka Relationship

Everybody deserves to have a love interest, and in this story, Izuku has a girl he loves, too.

Her name is Ochaka Uraraka.

They are the cutest couple in the story.

If you are wondering about their love story and relationship, you can find them out down below.

There will be lots of information about Izuku and his girl Ochaka.

  1. They Do Have Ship Name

Like any other couple who fall in love and form a relationship, Deku and Ochaka mash their names into a ship name.

It is unclear who came with the idea first, but it is also possible that the couple didn’t even create the ship’s name.

The ship name, every fan of this anime should know, is IzuOcha.

Yes, as you can tell, that is the mash-up of their first name, Izuku, and Ochaka.

  1. She Didn’t Know His Real Name

Ochaka was clueless about Izuku’s real name when they first met.

She thought his name was Deku Midoriya as almost everyone, especially Bakugo, called him that way.

After she figured out that the name was an insult, she started calling him Izuku and lifted his spirit by telling him that the nickname had a beautiful hidden meaning.

  1. The Girls She Hates

Deku is known as a dork. However, he is adorable, and that is why a lot of girls are interested in him.

It is not necessarily for romantic interest, though.

There are three girls in class that Ochaka hates the most.

She considers them as too flirty to Izuku, and unfortunately, Izuku is too innocent to notice.

Those girls are Melissa Shied, Mei Hatsume, and Camie Utsushimi. Yes, Ochaka is full of jealousy.

  1. She’s Izuku Protector

Their relationship is cute as the roles are often getting inverted.

The boy is supposed to protect the girl.

In this case, Ochaka has to protect Izuku almost all the time.

Izuku has no quirks, and Ocha has a marvelous “zero gravity” quirk.

She is capable of safeguarding defenseless Izuku, especially from bullies and from his terrible decision-making ability.

  1. He Has No Clue about the Crush

Many boys are not sensitive and often clueless about girls.

This is precisely the case with Izuku.

Ochaka has crush toward him right from the very beginning of the story.

However, Izuku is just a massive otaku, and all he cares about is All Might.

This is why it takes him so long to realize that this girl is having the biggest crush on him. 

Deku and His All Might Obsession

It is no secret that Deku is a massive fanboy of the greatest superhero of all time, All Might.

Speaking about a fan’s dream comes true, Izuku is the best example.

He idolizes All Might so much, and eventually, the two become good friends.

Here are some facts about Izuku and his All Might obsession and relationship. 

  1. His Room is Full of All Might Posters

Everyone knows that Izuku is the biggest fan of All Might.

This is why it won’t be surprising if his room is full of All Might merchandise.

All Might poster completely covers the wall of his room, and even the color scheme of his room is based on the colors on All Might costume, which are blue, red, and white. 

In one episode of the anime, Deku’s room is fully shown, and everyone can see that not only the posters but also the bedsheets and carpets in his room are all based on All Might.

Izuku also has lots and lots of the mighty hero collectibles lining on the table by his bed. There is no doubt that he is the biggest fan of All Might.

  1. He Copies All Might’s Smashes and Persona

When you idolize someone with all your heart, you will probably copy everything your idol does.

This exact thing happens to Deku.

He is such a massive All Might fan, and he copies All Might’s everything, including his smashes as well as his persona.

Many people around him think he is such a dork for doing this, which makes him fake.

Well, for Izuku, though, he just loves All Might that much, and he will do everything literally to imitate his idol.

  1. He Sleeps in All Might Onesies

Deku’s obsession with All Might is like on the highest level.

It is apparent that he owns every single merchandise of All Might, and lots of fans believed that there is a part of the anime where they spotted Izuku sleeping on his bed wearing onesies with All Might’s face all over it.

Well, that is undoubtedly a whole new level of idolizing someone or worshiping.

  1. He’s the Ninth Person to Use All Might’s Quirk

All Might has this amazing “One for All” quirk, believed to be the invincible quirk in the universe.

He is the eighth person ever to be able to use and control “One for All”.

After Deku gets to train with All Might, he becomes the one who inherits the mighty quirk.

Yes, against all the odds, Izuku Midoriya, the quirk-less boy, becomes All Might’s successor.

  1. Why All Might Chose to Train Him

At the beginning of the story, Deku is an ordinary pre-teen with no quirks.

He is considered useless by his peers. On the contrary, All Might a.k.a Toshinori Yagi is the greatest superhero of all time.

There seems to be nothing common between them.

However, in the end, All Might chooses Izuku and passes him the “One for All” quirk.

All Might chooses Izuku for more personal, sentimental reasons.

Young Toshinori Yagi was born without quirks, too, just like Izuku.

This is why he feels more connected to Izuku and makes deals with him to train him.

The training works well, though, as eventually, Izuku becomes the one to inherit the “One for All” quirk.

Facts about Deku and His Class 1A Friends

Eventually, Deku gets into U.A, and he is enrolled in the infamous Class 1A, filled with tons of students with a fantastic superpower.

Izuku is there along with his love interest, Ochaka, as well as his nemesis slash bully, Bakugo.

Here are some of the most exciting facts about Izuku and all his classmates in Class 1 A.

  1. Bakugo’s Name Meaning

Technically, Katsuki Bakugo is not a villain.

However, based on the way he bullies and treats Izuku, many people consider him one of the evil characters in the anime.

His style is rude and explosive.

It matches the meaning of his name, though, as “Bakugo” means “bomb” in Japanese.

Well, no wonder why he is fiery and explosive, right?

  1. Todoroki’s Preferred Side

Izuku has many friends in Class 1A, including those who always protect him from bullies.

One of his closest friends is Shoto Todoroki.

He has the superpower of “hot and cold.”

Half of his body (the right side) can produce ice, and the other half (the left side) can create fire.

His superpower is considered rare and mighty.

Did you know that Shoto has his preferred side? Well, he prefers his left side and rarely uses his right side.

That’s right. He produces fire almost all the time.

He rarely uses his “cold” side because he has a family issue with this.

So, it is clear that Shoto prefers to be known for his fire producing ability.

  1. The Smartest One Class 1A

There are numerous people with amazing abilities in the 1A class, along with Deku.

The smartest one in the class is Momo Yaoyorozu.

She is probably the complete character as she has both unusual quirk and brainpower, too.

She couldn’t care less about fighting and using her quirk as her goal is to reach academic achievement.

  1. Mina Ashido’s Relationship with IzuOcha

If Deku and Ochaka eventually get together for goods, there is one person they should thank.

She is Mina Ashido for sure.

This pink-haired girl teases everyone on a daily basis.

Of course, teasing Ochaka and Izuku about their relationship is the one she cannot miss.

Her teasing encourages IzuOcha to keep staying together, though.

  1. Tsuyu Asui & Toro Hagakure Were Boys

When talking about girl characters in Class 1A, you cannot miss mentioning Tsuyu Asui & Toro Hagakure.

These two adorable girls weren’t supposed to be girls, though.

At first, Kohei Horikoshi designed them to be boys.

However, he realized that there were already 16 boys in the class and only a couple of girls there.

So, on the last-minute decision, he changed those characters into a girl.

Those are the best facts about Izuku and his friends from the anime.

You can figure a lot of things based on the points above.

The anime is fun and mesmerizing to watch.

If you have not watched it yet, you should try because the story of Deku and his journey to find the real powers is very interesting to follow. 

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