Dio Brando’s Personal Life, Do You Know All About It?


Dio Brando gave up his humanity and changed to:

Dio Brando 1
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What is Dio Brando’s nationality?

Dio Brando 2
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What was Dio's profession when he was still human?

Dio Brando 3
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What was Dio's favorite drink when he was still human?

Dio Brando 4
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What is Dio's hobby?

Dio Brando 5
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Who is Dio's father?

Dio Brando 6
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At Stardust Crusader, Dio's primary advisor is:

Dio Brando 7
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What is Dio Brando's stand?

Dio Brando 8
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Dio can spray water with jet speed from his eyes. What is the name of this ability?

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Dio Brando is the main antagonist in what manga series?

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What object did Dio Brando use to transform himself into a vampire?

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Dio Brando can use his hair to implant parasites into the human brain. What is the name of this ability?

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When he was a child and a teenager, how was Dio Brando’s academic performance?

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What is Dio's weakness?

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Who kill Dio Brando?

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Dio Brando
Looks like you are not familiar with Dio Brando. You should start reading or watching JoJo's Bizzare Adventure.

You know quite a lot about Dio Brando, and by looking at the answers in this quiz you will certainly increase your knowledge about Dio.

You know about Dio Brando very well, and from this quiz you will certainly add further knowledge about him.

Amazing, you can answer all questions correctly. You must really like Dio.. or hate him a lot 🙂

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Have you ever have seen a meme with the writing, “Kono Dio Da! (It was me, Dio!)”? Dio Brando is the villain character of the Japanese manga series “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.”

The manga series is created by Araki Hirohito and considered as one of the best-selling manga which has been sold over 100 million copies.

Dio Brando, the Human-Vampire Blond Villain

Dio Brando, as previously explained, is a villain from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series, which in 2005 had been transformed into a kind of seinen manga.

It means that the target readers of the series are young adults, not teenagers, just like when it was a shonen manga.

Since it has been produced into various media, no wonder people make Dio Brando meme, or maybe do Dio Brando cosplay as the series itself is very popular.

Dio Brando: A Quick Introduction

He is the main antagonist, especially in the first and third parts of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series.

  • Adopted by the main character’s father

George Joestar, who is Jonathan Joestar’s father, adopted Dio Brando as his child after Dio became an orphan. Dio’s father – Dario Brando, was once a bandit to whom George owed a life debt.

Although Dio had been adopted and became Jonathan’s step-brother, in their later days, he kept being evil, and hence the big rivalry occurred, mostly talked throughout the series.

  • Appearance

Dio Brando is portrayed as a tall and muscular young man in the first part of the series.

But throughout the series, frankly said, his physical feature remained the same with his blond hair and that ‘confident’ Dio Brando pose.

How tall is Dio Brando? The character happened to be more than 6 feet; some sources mentioned that he is around 195 cm tall (6 ft 5 in).

Fans may also become intrigued to ask, ‘how old is Dio Brando.’ Dio’s age is varied in both part 1 and part 3, where he starred as the main villain.

He appeared to be around 20-21 in the first part, while in the third part, Dio was much older (122-123 years old). Despite his vast age difference, as mentioned earlier, his appearance did not seem to change drastically.

  • Personality

Just like another main antagonist, he can be counted as an ambitious character since he was little.

He also loves to dominate, and sometimes he uses violence to get what he wants.

This may be rooted in his intention to change his fate and living condition – given that he was underprivileged, miserable, and had to deal with a drunkard, abusive father.

His goal was to become the richest and the most powerful man on earth.

His apparent violence may be the effect of the childhood abuse he got from his father.

That’s why young Dio Brando learned to be more durable and used anything or anyone to accomplish his goals.

Dio would also get furious whenever someone subdued him. Even when he thought about it could disturb him so much.

Dio Brando’s Abilities and How He Turned into Vampire

  • Abilities

Besides of his undeniably incredible strength, Dio Brando is a character who owns a stand (visual manifestation of life energy).

His stand allowed him to specialize in battle attack with immense force and speed.

Interestingly, after gaining his stand, he found out that he became capable of stopping time.

Starting from only a few seconds, he eventually mastered stopping time up to 9 seconds by the end of part 3.

But, this would develop as long as he practiced and did not get defeated.

  • Vampire transformation
  1. Dio’s transformation into a vampire began in the first part of the series. Dio Brando part 1 was still a human, and in that part, it was shown that his transformation into a vampire was related to an Aztec mask he found. Well, at first, he intended to kill Jonathan with the mask if his scheme of killing George went exposed. In later episodes, Dio Brando learned that the mask wearer would become a vampire once the person gets close to human blood. Soon after Jonathan found out that Dio killed his father, Dio wore the mask and fought Jonathan. Although he got impaled, later, he was survived.
  2. As a vampire himself, he also gained an additional ability to freeze his opponents during a battle, although this skill doesn’t instantly kill people. Moreover, he also got the other two abilities like shooting pressurized fluids through his eyes and grafting body parts, just like what he did to Jonathan’s headless body. Dio Brando part 3 grafted Jonathan’s body into his head.

Other Facts about Dio Brando

  • He has 4 children

He has four children, Giorno Giovanna, Donatello Versace, Rikiel, and Ungalo.

Giorno is his first child who owns physical resemblance to both Dio and Jonathan.

This happened after Dio grafted his head into Jonathan’s body, which later would impact his child.

Giorno’s facial feature resembles Jonathan’s, while his hair is blond, just like Dio’s.

This case also means that Giorno retains the Joestar bloodline.

  • Voiced by 6 voice actors

The manga series has six people as Dio Brando’s voice actor.

This includes several notable voice actors such as Norio Wakamatsu, Hikaru Midorikawa, and Takehito Koyasu.

Those voice actors worked to provide the voice for Dio in different types of media, such as movies, drama CDs, anime, and games.

  • Praises for his evil personality

Dio Brando has received many praises from many readers and reviewers, stating that his hateable personality is frightening.

At the same time, it helped the readers build the same feeling as that of Jonathan, who was eager to fight against Dio.

Some also said that despite his humble origins, he successfully made his way to gain short ‘victory’ although he did it the wrong way.

Dio is also considered as one of the greatest super-villains ever invented.

Other types of praises Dio got are in the form of Dio Brando fanart and cosplayers who wore Dio’s costume.

  • Becoming the internet meme

Another kind of Dio’s emergence on the internet is meme and wallpaper.

There are various kinds of Dio Brando wallpaper and Dio’s memes based on his mannerism of frequent cries of “Muda” and “WRYYY.”

That’s a brief introduction about Dio Brando, the blond villain who received many praises for his personality as an antagonist.

Despite his devilish acts, it seems that following this series will be the right choice to kill boredom.

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