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Son Goku is based on characters in ancient novels from China. What is the name of the character?

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Who is Goku's father?

Goku 2
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Who is Goku's mother?

Goku 3
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There are several universes in the Dragon Ball series. In what universe are these characters located?

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Goku does not seem to develop physically in his early teens when compared to children of his age. At what age did he start to look taller?

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At what age did Goku grow taller quickly and even taller than his friends of the same age?

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What is the name of the martial arts school owned by Master Roshi?

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Goku was born on Planet Vegeta. How old was Goku when the planet Vegeta was destroyed?

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Where did Goku land when he first arrived on earth?

Goku 9
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What caused Goku's character to change from violent to kind?

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How old was Goku when he was first introduced in the manga and anime?

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Who was the first human besides Grandpa Gohan that Goku met?

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What objects did Grandpa Gohan leave to Goku?

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How many stars does Goku's dragon ball have?

Goku 14
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Where did Goku first meet Master Roshi?

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What gift did Master Roshi give to Goku?

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Who was the bandit that Goku encountered while passing through the diablo desert?

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Goku first competed in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. Where is the tournament held?

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What triggers Goku so that he can turn into Super Saiyan for the first time?

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Trunks gives medicine to Goku to cure the illness that caused Goku's death in his timeline. What disease is that?

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Son Goku
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Son Goku is the main protagonist in the Dragon Ball universe.

Almost everyone knows his name, especially those who love this particular anime and manga.

If you are a true Dragon Ball fan, you should know all these facts about this character, but maybe you don’t know all the facts about him.

The Surprising Facts about Goku that Every Dragon Balls Fan Should Know

Here are the most surprising facts you should know about the hero. Here they are for you to read and to get surprised.

The Facts about Goku and His Origin

Let’s all start by taking a peek at Goku’s origin.

As the main character of Dragon Ball, his birthplace and backgrounds are well-explained throughout the anime and manga series.

Down below, you will figure out five surprising facts related to the source of this character.

You will know more about his background and story by reading these facts.

  • His Real Name Means “Carrot”

Back in Planet Vegeta, his real name is “Kakarot.”

Yes, as you may guess, kakarot is carrot.

Everyone on that planet has the name inspired by vegetables, and his name is no exception.

So, when Grandpa Gohan finds him and gives him the name “Goku,” it sounds like an update.

His carrot name is also why his main “color scheme” on the clothes is orange, just like the veggie.

  • He is Based on Chinese Legend

Dragon Ball may be a Japanese anime.

However, the real inspiration behind Goku himself is based on Chinese Legend.

If you are familiar with “Journey of the West,” you probably know this one.

It is Chinese folklore where a group of gods and monks are embarking on a journey together.

The main character of that story is Son Wukong or the Monkey King.

He is powerful, mischievous, and incredibly smart.

Goku is Son Wukong and Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball universe, who has openly admitted that the inspiration of his main protagonist in Dragon Ball comes from Sun Wukong.

  • His Personality is the Result of Head Injury

Goku was sent to earth to destroy the planet instead of protecting it.

You may find it weird as he is so gentle.

Well, this is not his “real” personality.

When he was still in Planet Vegeta, he was also agitated and aggressive.

However, a hard bump on the head altered his entire personality.

He became gentler and forgot his whole origin.

Plus, Grandpa Gohan raised him well, and he becomes a kind-hearted being.

  • Reason Behind His Super Saiyan Blonde Hair

The main character has black hair on his ordinary day.

However, when he turns into the highest form of Super Saiyan, his hair color will turn blonde.

There are a lot of theories behind why the hair becomes blonde.

A lot of people suspect this because of his energy transfers and power-related things.

Well, Akira Toriyama has his reason, and it is nowhere near those theories.

Akira Toriyama explained that Goku’s hair becomes blonde in that transformation because he wanted to cut short the time of production.

He admitted that drawing and coloring the hair black takes more time behind the scene.

He just wanted the anime to get quicker in the output. So, he changed the hair blonde as it takes less time on the coloring.

  • He is “Japanese” Superman

Moreover, numerous fans notice that Goku is a Japanese Superman.

Akira Toriyama thought probably the same.

Kal El a.k.a. Superman is also sent to earth as a baby.

He is then adopted by a family and becomes Clark Kent.

The same thing happens to Kakarot.

He is sent to earth and got adopted by Grandpa Gohan, just like Superman.

Goku and His Family

Goku is unique as he has his “real” family in Planet Vegeta as well as his adoptive family on earth.

If you think you know all about his family, think again.

These facts will surprise you for sure.

It is all about his family, including his wife and parents.

For those who love Dragon Ball and want to find out some more trivia about the family of the main protagonist, you can find them out here.

  • The Reason Why He Married Chi-Chi

The name of his wife is Chi-Chi. She is a fighter but a “regular” human being, instead of a Saiyan.

They both get married when they were young.

The reason behind why Goku married Chi-Chi is because she has a lot of foods, and Goku, being always hungry all the time, thought that the word “married” was a type of food, so he married Chi-Chi for those foods.

  • The Second Son “Clone” Gene

There are two sons of the main protagonist: Gohan and Goten. The second son “clone” gene happens to his second kid Goten, too.

It is apparent that Bardock, the character’s father, looks exactly like him.

Meanwhile, the firstborn son of Bardock, Raditz, doesn’t look like him, just like Gohan, who doesn’t resemble his father.

  • His Mother Can Be Seen in 2014 Manga

When it comes to the story of Goku’s mother, fans often consider this as a mystery.

His mother’s name is Gine.

She is rarely heard or mentioned throughout the series.

Gine is nothing like everyone in Planet Vegeta.

She is kind-hearted and full of motherly love, whereas the people in Planet Vegeta are rather violent.

Eventually, her story can be seen in 2014 Dragon Ball Minus manga.

It highlighted the story of Bardock’s family before they sent the younger son to earth.

  • He is Terrified of His Wife

When there is one extraordinarily strong Saiyan like him, you may think that he is afraid of nothing.

Well, he is terrified of his wife.

It is stated numerous times throughout the anime and comic books.

Akira Toriyama himself said that Chi-Chi is the strongest being in the Dragon Ball universe as she is the only one who can control Goku.

  • His Father and Mother Have Weird Relationship

Goku’s father and mother have a weird relationship.

In Saiyan culture, there is no such thing as love.

So, men and women there only get together for reproductive purposes.

At first, his father, Bardock, and his mother, Gine, get together for breeding purposes.

However, Bardock’s noble nature and Gine’s motherly, gentler nature formed this unique relationship, and they eventually stay together beyond those reproductive purposes, hence making a lot of people in Planet Vegeta to think that the two have a weird relationship.

Facts about Goku and His Enemies

As the main protagonist in Dragon Ball, of course, everyone knows that Goku has lots of enemies, including those from his origin planet.

These are some facts related to his enemy.

Of course, there will be no time to mention all of them.

However, these facts will genuinely help you understand the main character’s real nemesis and their story.

  • Inspiration for Goku Black is from Ultra Man and Kamen Rider

Goku Black is an antagonist who considers himself as the alter ego of the main character.

Akira Toriyama admitted that his inspiration for this particular character comes from various sources, including from Ultra Man and Kamen Rider.

Those stories have the personality that came from the alter ego of the protagonist.

There are “False Ultra Man” and “False Kamen Rider” in the franchise that acts as the copycat version of the main hero.

  • He And Vegeta Do Have a Final Battle

Vegeta is the mortal enemy of Kakarot. Both of them seem to have endless battles.

However, there is one ultimate and eventually final battle between the two.

It happens online. Yes, you’ve read it right.

There is this series called Dragon Ball Online, where the end of the story featuring both of them fighting in outer space.

Eventually, they both disappear, and a supernova explosion is heard, indicating that the two characters’ demise ends the battle.

  • A Stove inspires Jiren

One of the most well-known antagonists in the Dragon Ball universe is Jiren.

He is a sort of humanoid with lots of power, and he has tried to kill the hero of this anime multiple times.

If you look at his appearance, he has this android-like physique.

Did you know that the stove inspires his look and name? Yes, his name derived from the Japanese word “Renji,” and it means, well, “stove.”

No wonder why he is such a burner.

  • He and His Father Shared the Same Enemy

Goku and his father have the same enemy.

This is probably the only common thing that connects him to his real, biological father, Bardock.

That one familiar nemesis is Frieza.

Frieza fought Bardock and made him perish during the fight.

Unfortunately for Frieza, Bardock’s son is going to be the Saiyan he eventually has to fight as well.

  • The Only Person Who Can Kill Him

There is only one person who can kill Goku, and he is himself.

Yes, he basically cannot be killed, and there are times when he died, but he is that way because he has sacrificed himself.

This happened when he fought Raditz.

He had to hold onto Raditz so that Piccolo can finish him.

He knows that it will kill both Raditz and him, but he won’t let go.

Goku and His Power

Of course, the main hero should have a lot of powers.

Well, Goku does have many capabilities, but there’s always a story behind them.

Down below, you will figure out some facts related to his enormous power, including some of his signature attacks.

Read the points below to make sure you know everything about the main hero’s power.

  • Autonomous Ultra Instinct is Based on Real Martial Art

The Autonomous Ultra Instinct is a transformation done by the main character.

It is also called the “Selfishness Omen” as to achieve this stage, you must let go of everything and like emptying your mind.

This based on actual martial art called Mushin. The literal meaning is “no-mind.”

The martial art tends to teach relaxation and a better mental state to achieve more power.

  • Kamehameha Means “Lonely” in the Hawaiian Language

Kamehameha sounds very legit and Japanese.

However, in Japanese, this particular term does not mean anything at all. Instead, the word comes from the Hawaiian language.

That is the name of a Hawaiian king, and its literal meaning is “the lonely one.”

The name is pretty famous, and that is why Akira Toriyama chose it as the name of that energy attack.

  • Kamehameha is NOT a Rare Attack

When you think that Kamehameha is a rare energy attack done by the main characters in the Dragon Ball universe, well, you may be wrong as this attack appears quite a lot of time.

In total, the main protagonist of this series uses this energy attack 97 times.

It means that the attack happens once every five episodes.

Well, not that rare for sure.

  • His Weakness is Needle

This fact is not technically about his power, but it is about the contrary.

Well, Goku may have mighty power, but his weakness is pretty much ridiculous.

He is so afraid of the needle.

In Dragon Ball Z, there is this one part of it where he saw a single needle lying on the floor, and he fainted right away.

  • His Ultra Instinct Sign Can’t Be Copied

Goku can perform this particular state because he has let go of everything.

Indeed, this transformation can only be achieved when the Saiyan’s mind is utterly empty from rage, ambition, and other lousy thought.

That one time Prince of all Saiyans tries to copy this transformation by pretending to be unconscious.

It does not work at all.

Those are some of the unknown facts about Dragon Ball’s main protagonist, and now you know almost everything about it.

You may think you know him well, but after reading those facts, you can tell that he has a lot more secrets and surprising events.

For people who love Dragon Ball and all the characters, those facts about Goku and his life will be such fun to read and understand.

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