Jonathan Joestar: Do You Know His Life And Strength?


What is Jonathan Joestar's zodiac sign?

Jonathan Joestar 1
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What is Jonathan's Chinese zodiac?

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How tall is Jonathan?

Jonathan Joestar 3
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How much does Jonathan Joestar weigh?

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What is Jonathan's blood type?

Jonathan Joestar 5
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What nationality is he?

Jonathan Joestar 6
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What kind of work does he do?

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Who is Jonathan's father?

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Who is Jonathan's ripple mentor?

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What is his primary weapon?

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Which of the answers below is not Jonathan's ripple?

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Who is Jonathan's Wife?

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Jonathan has a pet. What kind of animal is his pet?

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What's the name of Jonathan's pet?

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Who is Jonathan's mother?

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Jonathan Joestar
You should start watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime and also look for his information on the internet to get to know Jonathan Joestar better.

You know Jonathan well, we are sure you know more about him after you take this quiz.

Your knowledge of Jonathan Joestar is perfect. You certainly have added knowledge about him after taking this quiz.

Congratulations, you are genuinely a Jonathan Joestar fan! You have successfully answered all the questions correctly.

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Jonathan Joestar is the main protagonist of the first chapter of JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, a manga and later anime created by Hirohiko Araki.

He is such an interesting character as he is like the first character of anime to have a life in the mid-19th century England and he is an Englishmen, too, rather than Japanese.

10 Facts about Jonathan Joestar from “JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure”

Here are some of the essential facts about the character that you need to know.

Facts about the Life of Jonathan Joestar

If you love JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, you must realize that Jonathan Joestar is like the core and central character of the story.

Without his presence, there will be no Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo, too.

So, here are some facts that you have to understand about the life of this main protagonist from the first chapter of the entire story.

  1. He is the First “Jo”

Jonathan Joestar is the first character to have that “Jo” name.

He is the only son of his father, George Joestar.

Jonathan seems to like the “JoJo” part of his name so bad since he decided to name his son using this “JoJo” reference, too.

His son’s name is Joseph Joestar who also goes by the nickname “JoJo”.

  1. He Lives in Victorian Era

A lot of anime or manga characters have the back-story of living in Japan or fictional places.

However, Jonathan has a pretty different and realistic back story.

He lives in London, England, in around 1880s when the story begins.

That was the Victorian Era, and everything back then was so refreshing.

This is why a lot of Jonathan Joestar cosplay will depict him in unique, vintage costume such as in collared shirt and breeches, just like what people would use in the mid-19th century England.

The outfit is pretty much gorgeous on its own, and they look so stunning on a muscular man like Jonathan.

  1. He Never Knew His Mother

The sad thing about Jonathan is that he never knew his mother.

Jonathan Joestar birthday was on April 4, 1868, and his mother Mary died in a carriage accident not too long after, leaving his father George devastated and had to raise their son all on his own.

Because he never knew a mother’s love, Jonathan becomes a bit awkward when it comes to love and affections, especially around girls.

  1. He is Truly an Englishman

Jonathan Joestar lives in London, and he lived in the 19th century.

All gentlemen back then were charming and noble.

More importantly, the Joestar family is an upper-class family living in a huge mansion.

Jonathan was brought up to understand etiquette very well, and he grew into a true Englishmen with the entire excellent manner.

Facts about the Appearance of Jonathan Joestar

Everyone knows that the main characters of each JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure chapter have a stunning look.

Jonathan is the epitome of good look in this.

These are some facts about the physical appearance of Jonathan Joestar and a bit about his personality, too.

They will help you learn about the character even easier.

  1. He is Extremely Tall and Muscular

Yes, he is well-known for his tall and muscular look.

So, how tall is Jonathan Joestar anyway? It is believed that Jonathan is around 6 ft 5 in tall.

It means that he is like 195 cm tall.

That is pretty tall for an Englishmen back then.

He didn’t inherit this height from his father as George Joestar seemed shorter than his son anyway.

  1. He Loves Rugby and Boxing

The reason why Jonathan Joestar has such great physique is because he loves sport.

Back then, in the Victorian Era, famous and common sports are including rugby and boxing.

Jonathan loves doing all of them.

There are chapters on the manga where this character is seen doing rugby in the infamous stripes rugby uniform.

  1. The Reason Why He Loves Archeology

It is not all about Jonathan Joestar height that makes people get interested in him.

People also find this character interesting because Jonathan is an archaeologist.

It is such a unique career pattern for young men back then.

Why is Jonathan drawn into archaeologist? The reason is because of the Stone Mask. 

Yes, the powerful stone captures Jonathan’s attention so badly, and he wants to find out more about the stone’s power, ability and origin.

Eventually, it leads Jonathan to learn about archaeology even more intensively, and he becomes a professional archaeologist by the end of the story.

Facts about the Power and Nemesis of Jonathan Joestar

Everyone in the Joestar family carries massive power.

Jonathan is like the first one to do so.

He passed his power to his descendants later on.

The power, as well as the bad guy trying to mess with the Joestar family, can be tracked back on Jonathan Joestar’s days.

Here are some facts about this that you may not know.

  1. Why He Hated Dio Brando Right from the Start

The main nemesis of the entire Joestar family is Dio Brando.

He is the adoptive brother of Jonathan Joestar.

When Dio first came into the family, he and Jonathan didn’t get along well.

Things got worse when Jonathan’s father started to mistreat Jonathan and picked Dio’s side most of the time.

This is basically why they eventually ended up as nemesis rather than brothers.

  1. His Greatest Ripple Attack

The most significant attack owned by Jonathan is his punch.

This punch is so powerful that he can knock down most of his opponent in one go.

This attack is believed to be one of the key powers given by the stone to the character.

  1. He Has Self-Healing Ability

Jonathan Joestar is blessed with a lot of powers, including self-healing ability, too.

In some episodes, he is seen to get injured on the neck and some other parts of his body but he self-injected himself with healing ability.

He comes back even stronger after a short while.


For those who love the Joestar family adventure, whether it is about Jonathan, Joseph, or Jotaro, they will have to read all those facts about.

It will give them a slight glance about the events that kick-started the whole story of the adventure.

They will make you realize that Jonathan Joestar is such a great, accomplished character, even when he lived a long time ago in the previous century.

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