Jotaro Kujo: Now It’s Time To Test Your Knowledge About Him


What is Jotaro Kujo's zodiac sign?

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How tall is Jotaro?

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What year was Jotaro born?

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How much does Jotaro weigh?

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What is Jotaro's blood type?

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What is Jotaro's Chinese zodiac?

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What is Jotaro's favorite color?

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What is Jotaro's favorite movie?

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What is Jotaro's favorite food?

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What kind of woman does Jotaro like?

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What kind of books does Jotaro like?

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What is Jotaro's occupation after completing his Ph.D?

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Who is Jotaro's favorite musician?

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Who is Jotaro's favorite athlete?

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Who is Jotaro's daughter?

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Who is Jotaro's mother?

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Who is Jotaro's father?

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What is Jotaro's father's profession?

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What is the name of Jotaro’s stand?

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What type of abilities does Jotaro's stand have?

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Jotaro Kujo is the main character of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, particularly the Part 3 chapter, Stardust Crusaders.

If you love the manga and (later) anime, of course, you realize this character is such a complex and interesting one.

He has a unique back-story and things going on behind his characteristic.

Surprising Facts You Want to Know about Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo, or later known as JoJo, is always an interesting character to talk about.

His family background is as intriguing as his conception in the story.

These are the surprising fact about the main protagonist that maybe you won’t even know before, and there are some of the best things that you need to know about JoJo.

You will find out a lot more things about him as the main protagonist of the whole series. Here they are:

  1. He Has the Same Voice as Naruto’s Yamato

The English voice actor for the character is Matthew Mercer.

He is a prominent voice actor and has dubbed numerous characters from Japanese anime to their English-speaking version.

If you notice, the sound of JoJo reminds you a lot to Yamato from Naruto: Shippuden because they have the same person speaking behind the scene.

Yes, both characters are voiced by Matthew Mercer.

  1. Story Behind His Name

The name Jotaro has a lot of meanings and backstory.

Basically, Hirohiko Araki wanted the name to start with “Jo,” obviously, to match with the names of the character’s maternal ancestors: Joseph Joestar and Jonathan Joestar.

As JoJo’s parents are from two different countries, Hirohiko Araki did not select a common western name.

Instead, he decided that the character’s name will highlight the father’s Japanese background.

As you can see, Jotaro Kujo has a British-American mother and a Japanese father.

The name “Jotaro” is then selected as the name starts with “Jo” and sounds very Japanese.

  1. He Looks Like Elvis Presley

Jotaro Kujo has a massive physique with muscles and a sharp jawline.

You can also look at his face and realize that he has such bold lips and thick eyebrows.

If you look at him in a glace, he seems a bit like Elvis Presley.

The creator, Hirohiko Araki, was inspired by the look of the late singer when he started the conception of this character.

Facts about Jotaro Kujo Personality

There is no secret that Jotaro Kujo comes from a powerful Joestar family.

His grandfather and other ancestors, such as Joseph Joestar and Jonathan Joestar, are blessed by massive power and abilities.

You can read the facts about it down below if you want to know more about JoJo’s power and personality traits.

  1. He is Only 17 Years Old

People are often get fooled by his massive appearance, but the real age of JoJo when he started the story will surprise you.

How old is Jotaro at the beginning of Part3? The story took place in 1989, and back then, he was 17 years old.

Yes, his appearance may be powerful and full of muscles, but he was only a teenager in high school.

  1. His Attitude is Based on Clint Eastwood

Jotaro Kujo is blessed with such a complex personality.

Sometimes, he can be nice and sweet, but sometimes he is harsh, untouchable, and cold.

It is believed that Hirohiko Araki wanted him to have the personality of an anti-hero like Clint Eastwood in most of his movies.

Yes, indeed, if you see the similarities between the coolness of JoJo and Clint Eastwood’s characters, that’s because Hirohiko Araki intentionally made it that way.

  1. His Real Passion is All About Fish

When you take a look at JoJo with his swag outfits and the signature Jotaro hat on his head, you won’t expect his passion to be related to power or battle.

His real love is fish and marine life.

That is why his ultimate dream is to become a marine biologist.

Eventually, JoJo’s dreams come true, though, as it is told that by the end of the story, he is managed to get a job as an oceanographer, which is still related to fish.

Facts about Jotaro Kujo Character

Watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is always a satisfying experience as each chapter’s character has its uniqueness.

Jotaro is no exception. There are numerous times where the role of JoJo is going to make you laugh or feel empathetic.

The facts down below are about JoJo as a character. You will figure out a lot of new things about him here.

  1. His Favorite Movie is from Disney

Looking at Jotaro Kujo with his massive build and strong personality, you won’t expect that his favorite movie is from Disney.

It is not the princess story, though. His favorite movie is “Never Cry Wolf”.

It is a 1983 movie about wolf-encountering adventure in the snowy mountain.

As in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the setting is in 1989, the movie is relatively new and gains numerous fans, including JoJo.

  1. He Never Knew His Father Properly

The story of JoJo’s father is unique.

The father is a Japanese jazz musician who was never at home.

He was always on tour and practically abandoned his wife and son.

This is why the family of his wife, the Joestar family, despises him so badly.

Even his father-in-law, Joseph Joestar, started to hate Japanese men as they remind him of his son-in-law.

Even so, JoJo couldn’t care less about this as he never knew his father that well.

There are pressures for him to change his surname from Kujo to Joestar, emphasizing his powerful maternal family more.

However, it never happens, and JoJo remains well-known with his Japanese name Kujo rather than as Jotaro Joestar.

Even though JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is not as famous as other manga/anime series, it still has enormous fandom all across the world.

This is why the characters of this story are always great to talk about, including JoJo.

Those facts about Jotaro Kujo will undoubtedly help you to understand the story and the character even deeper.

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