Kakashi Hatake, Can You Answer All Questions About His Personal Life?


What is Kakashi's favorite book?

Kakashi Hatake 1
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Who is the person Kakashi wish to fight?

Kakashi Hatake 2
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What is Kakashi's favorite food?

Kakashi Hatake 3
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How many official missions were done by Kakashi?

Kakashi Hatake 4
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What is Kakashi's favorite catchphrase?

Kakashi Hatake 5
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What date was Kakashi born?

Kakashi Hatake 6
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How tall is Kakashi?

Kakashi Hatake 7
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How much does Kakashi weigh?

Kakashi Hatake 8
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What is Kakashi's blood type?

Kakashi Hatake 9
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Who is Kakashi's father?

Kakashi Hatake 10
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Before becoming Hokage, what was Kakashi's highest ninja rank?

Kakashi Hatake 11
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What is Kakashi's famous nickname?

Kakashi Hatake 12
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What was not Kakashi's rank?

Kakashi Hatake 13
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How old was Kakashi when he graduated from the academy?

Kakashi Hatake 14
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How old was Kakashi when he took the chunin exams?

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How old was Kakashi when he was promoted to jonin?

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Who damaged Kakashi's left eye?

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When was the first time Kakashi awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan?

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What kinds of animals can Kakashi summon?

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How old was Kakashi when he joined Anbu?

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If you have known someone who has watched and read the Naruto series, you might have heard about this character from them.

Some of them may also have this character as their desktop wallpaper.

Kakashi, whose full name is Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character from that manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

This character is a shinobi, which happened to be the sensei (teacher) of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno – the three main characters. 

Kakashi, the Loved-by-Many Masked Manga Character

Kakashi sensei is one of those prominent additional characters, which gained massive popularity within the fans, and people are expecting to see more about him.

In the academy, he led Team 7 with members as previously mentioned.

Kakashi and His Early Life

  • Born into Hatake clan, he was raised by his father since he was young because of his mother’s death. As mentioned before, his father is renowned for his extravagant skills, and that’s why he idolized him. His father’s death occurred after he enrolled in the ninja academy. Although he had been left, he won recognition as a prodigy at his young age. Under the leadership of Minato Namikaze, the character had been teamed up with Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara.
  • As a child, Kakashi was very bright, independent, and a little bit arrogant. However, despite his over-confidence, he was still an intuitive and perceptive student. He even managed to pass the Chunin Exams, which promoted him to be a chuninChunin Exam is a selection exam for genin (low ninja) who wants to get promoted into chunin. He defeated Might Guy, who previously knocked out Obito Uchiha, his team friend.
  • At age 12, he then got promoted to jonin. Both Minato and Rin gave him a promotion gift, but Obito forgot to bring him something. Kakashi and Obito bond is kind of similar to Naruto and Sasuke’s with that sense of rivalry. That’s because Kakashi was considered as a prodigy – just like Sasuke, while Obito is known as a failure, similar to Naruto.
  • In the later episodes, Kakashi was given Sharingan by Obito, after saving him from Taiseki that attacked him with his light chakra saber. Eventually, Obito got trapped under the rubbles and considered dead, and Kakashi had promised him to protect Rin at all costs. With Obito’s gifted Sharingan, there were disputes between the Uchiha clan. It is known that Sharingan belongs to the Uchiha clan only. Luckily, the head of Uchiha decided to honor Obito’s deed and let the young lad have it. That was also considered as Obito’s gift for Kakashi’s jonin.

Rin’s Death and Kakashi’s Anbu Career

  • Flashback to the mission after Obito’s death, Kirigakure abducted Rin and sealed the Three-Tails inside her. This, if left uncontrollable, will be unleashed and may destroy the whole Konoha from within. Afraid if that comes into reality, Rin asked her team-mate to kill her – but he refused, as he promised to Obito to protect Rin.
  • But then there are people asking, why did Kakashi kill Rin? That was wrong. This misunderstanding arose when finally, Rin died in Kakashi’s renamed Chidori – the lightning cutter. All happened of a sudden just after he fired his attack. The immediate trauma made him engulfed in dark days. Moreover, people believed that he killed Rin and called him “Friend-Killer Kakashi.” This, too, in later days, bring up the quarrel of Kakashi vs. Obito. Obito – who was not dead actually, claimed that his old fellow could not keep his promises.
  • Minato, who happened to be the Hokage at the time, assigned Kakashi to join anbu so that he could re-emerge from his darkness. There, he did very well, and later, he became the leader of Team Ro. He was also assigned to protect Minato’s wife. But all of his accomplishments didn’t help much as he still tried to visit both of his friends’ grave on his day-offs. Two years later, he walked out from anbu.

Trivial Things about Kakashi

  • Why does Kakashi wear a mask? In both of his manga and anime appearances, the man is notable for his eye-covering mask and his half-asleep eye. Fans went crazy regarding this, and they even make many assumptions about what may exist behind his mask. Some of their theories are written as follows:
  1. Kakashi wears a mask because he has so much facial resemblance to his father. His father was a well-known shinobi for his strength and intelligence, Sakumo Hatake. But in one mission carried out for great importance to Konoha, his father chose to save his team-mate’s lives instead of completing their missions. The failure then took a toll on him and cost him an apparent suicide.
  2. Kakashi wears a mask to cover his expression while reading the Icha-Icha series.
  3. It might be his way to hide his emotions since showing off emotions can project intentions to enemies during a battle.
  • Although various theories are explaining about this, the series’ creator told the public that the mask worn is an aid to build a mysterious vibe from Kakashi’s character. Masashi Kishimoto wanted to portray the mysterious side of a ninja, whose expressions are unable to be seen. But, since making such character is hard, Kishimoto decided to put on a mask on Kakashi’s face instead.
  • Although people are claiming that there was no Kakashi’s appearance without a mask, there is an episode that showed Kakashi’s face, and the lucky characters who got to see it was Teuchi and Ayame. The character had done several times opening his mask, but people around him didn’t realize that it was Kakashi’s face.
  • Also, people are wondering if he didn’t get old, which is non-sense. When Naruto series first began, he was around 26, and Naruto is 12. In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto turns 17, so it makes him 31. Then how old is Kakashi in Boruto? Since Boruto took place around 15 years after the war, it means the young man had turned 46.
  • It is also known to fans that his Susanoo is one of the strongest Susanoo in the mangaverse. Along with him, there are Shisui, Itachi, Sasuke, Hagaromo, and Madara, who own strong Susanoo.

This manga character may not be the main character, but Kakashi got many times appeared as the prominent supporting character.

Even Inoue Kazuhiko, the one who voiced him for the anime series, got surprised knowing that people love this laid-back yet generous and loyal character.

It resulted in the emergence of Gaiden (spin-offs), mostly talking about his past experiences.

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