Kirishima Eijiro: Do You Know All Of His Personal Life?


How old was Eijiro Kirishima when he first appeared in Boku No Hero Academia?

Kirishima Eijiro 1
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What is Kirishima's nickname?

Kirishima Ejiro 2
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What date was he born?

Kirishima Ejiro 3
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How tall is Eijiro Kirishima?

Kirishima Ejiro 4
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What is Eijiro's natural hair color?

Kirishima Ejiro 5
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What is Kirishima's favorite food?

Kirishima Ejiro 6
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What is Eijiro's favorite thing?

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What student number is Eijiro in his class?

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What was Eijiro's rank when taking U.A. Entrance Exam

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What was his rank when taking the Quirk Apprehension Test?

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What rank is he in Class 1-A mid-term grades?

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What rank is Eijiro Kirishima in U.A. Sports Festival First-Year Stage?

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What is Eijiro's blood type?

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What is the type of Eijiro quirk?

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What is Eijiro's fighting style?

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Which team did Eijiro join?

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Where is the scar on his face?

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Eijiro Kirishima
You must increase your knowledge about Eijiro Kirishima by reading manga or watching the Boku No Hero Academia anime.

Your knowledge of Eijiro Kirishima is quite good. You may need to look for additional information on the internet.

Your knowledge of Eijiro Kirishima is good. Just need to add a little more from other sources such as the internet.

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Kirishima, with his alias Sturdy Hero, is the red-headed student character in U.A. High School, a school, attended by the main character Izuku Midoriya.

He and Midoriya are classmates, and the school itself is a place to train potential students to be heroes.

The Empathetic and Loyal Red-Head Hero, Eijiro Kirishima

Shueisha once again published its shonen manga in 2014. The name of this manga series is “Boku no Hero Akademia” or translated as “My Hero Academia,” created by Kohei Horikoshi.

This fantasy manga includes adventure and superhero stories within the series.

It has been published in many other media such as anime T.V. series, games, light novels, and animated films. All of those mediums were published within six years only.

Although it can be considered new, the manga created a considerable fanbase, and Kirishima’s fanbase is one of them.

Kirishima: An Introduction

  • Appearance

Eijiro Kirishima, as you might have seen on Kirishima fanart, is well-known for his red-dyed hair after he got enrolled in that hero’s high school

Before studying there, his hair was black and wasn’t as spiky as his current appearance. He has a muscular built with average height.

Eijirou has short eyebrows and a small wound scar upon his right eyes. His eyes are red, matching his hair color.

  • Costume

On his daily uniform, it seems impossible to see his muscular body.

His young-yet-athletic body will be shown once he wears his hero costume.

The costume is mostly in red and black, with additional red gear-shaped pads on his shoulders.

Kirishima also wears an abstract-shaped strap which elongates from his left shoulder to his right belt.

His belt has an ‘R’ initial on the center, colored red.

For the lower-part clothing, Kirishima has baggy pants in black, same-color boots, and a ripped shirt that is bent to his belt. His chest is left bare.

He wears eccentric face wear, which is a wired guard protecting his face minimally.

  • Personality

Although he has the same last name with Ayato Kirishima in Tokyo Ghoul series, the two characters’ personalities are pretty much distinct from each other.

Ayato, the brother of Touka Kirishima, has an arrogant and unpleasant attitude.

At the same time, Eijiro from this series is portrayed as a responsible, honest, and empathetic teen, making it contrast with those Tokyo Ghoul’s Kirishimas.

Kirishima is also a helpful person, and he’ll regret every time he cannot be his friends’ aid. Eijiro is considered as loyal and dedicated towards his friends, too.

Sometimes he’s very hard on himself, so he doesn’t become other’s burden. Hence, that spirit makes him always to improve his strengths.

Kirishima sees himself as someone who is lacking ability.

Moreover, when he saw his friend, Mina Ashido, stopped bullying during his time in junior high school, he felt that he’s a dull person.

He is a lively person. Even though, at times, he could quickly felt down.

Eijiro Kirishima and Mina Ashido

Many fans are shipping this Kirishima x Mina couple; some of them even make the couple’s fan art and write fanfictions about them.

Both characters attended the same junior high school, and Mina, despite her struggle in studies, was always appraised for her incredible physical appearance and outgoing personality – which perfectly match today’s definition of a pro hero in the series.

This is very contradicting to Kirishima’s condition, that’s why he is not confident.

He then met Mina while he was supposed to be saving his classmate from Gigantomachia.

Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to move, so Mina defeated the villain herself instead. Kirishima later apologized to Mina for his cowardly act.

Both characters then took U.A. High School admission test and got approved. Since then, their relationship improved with the new traits of Kirishima.

At this moment, Eijiro vows that he will leave his old self and told the girl that he’d be a regretless hero.

Trivial Facts about Eijiro Kirishima

  • His name relates to many characters in other manga series

Beside Ayato and Touka Kirishima, Eijiro shares the same last name with this pinky girl character from Hundred (Handoreddo) series, Sakura Kirishima.

As there are many Kirishima’s, one needs to clarify which Kirishima that is being the talk.

  • Is Kirishima a traitor?

My Hero Academia Kirishima, since his disappearance from the hero camp during a villain’s attack, gained many fans’ attention.

Many doubt him from being the high school’s traitor, but some fans agreed to put his name as one of the school traitors, although it is hard to believe since the supporting reasons found are minimal.

One of the reasons is the character’s empathy towards some villains, which is not pleasant according to readers’ eyes.

This argument has created disagreement among fans as well.

  • Katsuki Bakugou vs Eijiro Kirishima

Kirishima x Bakugou had a battle during U.A. High School Fighting Tournament, which was held during the school’s sports festival.

Bakugou is known as a jerk who bullies the quirkless main character, Izuku Midoriya.

With Eijiro, he often gets into disagreement due to their contradicting personalities.

Despite this, Bakugou cannot be categorized as a villain.

Even Eijiro became the one who initiated the rescue when Bakugou got kidnapped.

  • Hardening Quirk

Kirishima owns hardening quirk, which means that the quirk will give him the power to harden his body.

This quirk also allows him to sharpen any or all parts of his body.

The quirk will make his flesh to become rock-like.

Although long-time use of this quirk can make him lose his energy, Eijiro’s quirk got him increased durability during fights.

Besides, there are many abilities he can do during a battle, which he describes as the 3-reds: Red Counter, Red Riot Unbreakable, and Red Gauntlet.

  • His hair not always up

Although it may seem that fans cannot often see Kirishima hair down, there are several appearances that he didn’t make his hair spiky upwards.

Some fans love his hair down, so many fan arts are showing the high-school Eijiro being drawn with either black or red hair down. 

Well, he looks cute both ways. 

Those are several facts and introduction of Eijiro Kirishima, the red-haired teen hero from My Hero Academia manga series.

He may not be the main character, but his bright personality will make the series being more enjoyable to be followed.

Moreover, he owns those unique traits – empathetic, loyal, and at the same time, though. Pretty much making him perfect as a character!

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