Labrador Retriever Owner: Do You Know Everything About Your Dog?


How fast a Lab can run?

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What is the difference between Labrador and Labrador retriever?

Labrador Retriever 2
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How many puppies a Lab can have?

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Do Labrador retrievers bark a lot?

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From the answers below, which food ingredients should Lab not consume?

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How many times should Lab be bathed?

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What is the life expectancy of a Lab?

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How big does a male Lab get?

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Where does the Labrador Retriever come from?

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How much weight does a female Lab female get?

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How much weight does a male Lab get?

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How big does a female Lab get?

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Which of the answers below is Labrador's temperament?

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Which of the answers below is not Labrador's standard color?

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Labrador Retriever Quiz
It looks like it's your first time owning a Labrador Retriever. You need to increase knowledge about your dog so you can get to know your dog better.

Your knowledge of Labrador Retriever is still at an intermediate stage. Add information about your dog, so that your relationship with your lab will be better.

Your knowledge of Labrador Retriever is good enough. You need a little more information about your dog so you can find out everything your lab needs.

Congratulations, you have successfully answered all the questions correctly. You certainly know Labrador Retriever very well and thoroughly. You must be enjoying your time with your dog.

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Labrador Retriever is a breed of dog that is very popular in America, and this can be seen from the top position occupied by this breed in AKC breed popularity.

With such popularity, of course, many people have this type of dog.

So even non-dog lovers should often see Labrador Retriever, even though they may not know the name of the breed.

History of Labrador Retriever

When you see the name, it is most likely for people who are not dog-lovers will think that this dog breed originated from Labrador.

But actually, Labrador Retriever comes from Newfoundland. This area is an island off the east coast in Canada.

At first, they were referred to as St. John’s Dog. This name was taken from Newfoundland’s biggest city name.

This dog breed is a dog that accompanies the fishermen in the 1700s.

They are tasked with retrieving ducks and fish that try to escape when captured by their owners.

When the British nobles visited Canada in the 1800s, they saw this dog breed.

It could be that they see this dog is quite athletic and energetic, so the lords brought samples of this type of “Labrador” dog to England.

The first person to call this type of dog by the name of Labrador is the third Earl of Malmesbury.

Meanwhile, the second Earl of Malmesbury is believed to be the first person to send the Labrador Retriever to England in the 1800s.

It is still unclear why this type of dog is called Labrador, while they are from Newfoundland.

It could be because this dog breed is “extinct” from its native land, due to high ownership taxes from the government at that time, and they survive in Labrador.

In 1903, the British Kennel Club recognized Labrador Retriever.

While in America, the American Kennel Club registered this breed dog in 1917.

The peak popularity of Labrador Retriever began in 1991 and continues to stay on top until now.

Labrador Retriever Highlight

Labrador retrievers are very fond of eating. Therefore, they are very easy to gain excess weight.

That’s why maintaining nutrition for the Labrador is very important, so it’s good to measure the amount of food given to this dog.

Another important thing is always to provide Lab’s enough exercise to keep the dog active, so they will not become obese.

Another benefit of exercise given to Labrador Retriever is that it can suppress bad behavior from this dog, such as hyperactivity.

Because actually this dog is energetic and must always move freely.

Labrador Retriever has a healthy body. This dog also has a thick and waterproof coat.

This dog has three standard colors: black, chocolate, and yellow.

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