Nezuko Kamado: Do You Know Everything About Her?


How old was Nezuko Kamado when she first appeared?

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How tall is Nezuko?

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How much does Nezuko weigh?

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What date was Nezuko born?

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What color is her hair when she has become a demon?

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What color was Nezuko’s hair when she was still human?

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What color are Nezuko's eyes when she has become a demon?

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What color were Nezuko’s eyes when she was still human?

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Who is Nezuko's father?

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Who is Nezuko's mother?

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Aside from Tanjiro, how many other brothers does Nezuko have?

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How many sisters does Nezuko have?

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From the names mentioned below, who is the ancestor of Nezuko?

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What is the name of her younger brother, who Nezuko often carries?

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Who turned Nezuko into a demon?

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How long did Nezuko sleep while Tanjiro was practicing?

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When does Nezuko have the ability to withstand sunlight?

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What is the name of Nezuko's blood demon art?

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Which of the following choices is Nezuko's demon abilities?

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Which of the following choices is NOT Nezuko's demon abilities?

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Nezuko Kamado
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Nezuko Kamado is one of the main protagonists that have a pivotal character in the anime series titled Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

She has an older brother named Tanjiro Kamado, and both are the only remaining members of the Kamado family as they can be the sole survivors of demons.

Nezuko was formerly human, but since attacked by Muzan Kibutsuji, she turned into a demon and has struggling to retain her humanity since then.

A Deep Introduction into Nezuko Character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Maybe some of you do not know her enough, but don’t worry, because we will discuss more deeply about who Nezuko Kamado is below.

Nezuko’s Physical Appearance

Nezuko is a young girl with a petite body and fair skin.

She has sharp, prominent, and visibly large fangs, as well as pointed and claw-like nails.

Her black hair grows on waist-length.

She has pale-pink colored eyes that are soft-looking, with an even lighter color on the rim of her irises, framed by long eyelashes.

When she transformed, the pupils appear to slit.

Back in the Kamado’s hometown, she is known for her beauty before she has turned according to her brother.

She is often spotted wearing kimono in light pink color patterned in hemp lead, with paler pink on the lining area, checkered obi in a red and white, thin looped and knotted thread in orange color on her waist, and green band over it.

On top of these, she also wears long and dark haori in knee-length, white shock, pink zori sandals wrapped in a thick black piece of material.

On her left head, she wears a small pink ribbon that keeps her hair out of the face.

When Nezuko was human, her appearance is very similar, outside her demon-like traits, pale pink eyes, and vermillion hair.

Because it hasn’t stated clearly, many fans wonder how old is Nezuko, and it is estimated that she is between 14-16 years old.

Her human version has black hair tied into three buns in pink ribbons and eyes in crimson dark red color.

The kimono style stays the same, but only there is no haori. She used large white tied cloth on her back to carry Rokuta Kamado, her little brother.

Nezuko starts to grow the shorthorn in white color on the side of her forehead when she went into her demon figure during a fight with Daki.

That’s when she loses her footwear and her gag. There is a vein-like pattern that rises on her eye along with a green and red vine-like pattern that circling and cover the skin on her legs, arms, and chest.

Nezuko’s Personality

Before turning into a demon, Tanjiro and Nezuko personalities are quite similar.

Both are caring, kind, and selfless human being that put others before themselves.

Moreover, Nezuko was hugely responsible for her younger siblings as the elder sister.

She is willing to protect them and her friends from humans even if that’s mean to get in a harmed possible way.

Unfortunately, it seems like Nezuko has forgotten a big part of her human’s memories when she becomes a demon.

Besides memories related to her family, she wasn’t able to retain the personality she possessed before the transformation.

She appears to be quite brazen, fearless in terms of fighting, and very protective over her brother and allies since turning into a demon.

Even though so, she has developed strong willpower to refuse consuming flesh and blood of a human – even when being exposed to human blood in extreme injury.

Nezuko’s Power and Abilities

As a demon, here are several of Nezuko’s strength and abilities:

  • Demon transformation: when being under a disastrous situation, she will transform into a crazed demon state. The vine tattoos will appear around her body, with a horn arises from the right side of her forehead, and veins popping out from her body. These features enhance her ability to fight, even though it costs her humanity, such as being a demon-like that needs human blood to feed. So far, the only possible way to make her come back to standard human Nezuko figure is by having Tanjiro sing lullaby to her.
  • Enhanced strength: to fight against demons easily, she has acquainted enhanced physical strength naturally. However, since she’s never being trained, this feature is used by relying on overwhelming the opponent with kicks or brute force. She can easily kick and sever the head of a demon or kick them against the door. Even if she’s never eaten human before, she can match her strength with Upper-Rank Demon.
  • Sunlight immunity: Nezuko has developed resistance from sunlight during the battle against Hantengu, an Upper Rank 4. Due to this ability, she can go out and walk during daylight safely without being burnt into ash like other demons.
  • Size manipulation: She has displayed an essential ability to alter her body’s height and size after being turned into a demon. Despite Nezuko age, she’s able to enlarge herself into a more massive form or shrinks into the small child’s size. This ability is very beneficial when she wants to hide from sunlight when being out on daytime, to fit inside a small basket or box, or to fight a demon in a battle so she can win.
  • Enhanced regeneration: when being on her demon form, she can do tremendous regeneration. For example, it is easy for her to restore injured legs within seconds. The core nature of this power is to solidify blood from the damaged body part and manipulate it according to her will.
  • Power restoration: the most defining trait that she owns as a demon is the ability to restore power simultaneously. By doing so, she doesn’t have to consume human life as a typical demon does. She only has to sleep (often in a prepared box and for a long time), and her strength will be recovered.
  • Power growth: as a related ability to the one above, she can grow more energetic even without consuming humans or train. She has shown a constant rise in power as time passes, which can be seen through the considerable power boost amidst the battle.

Recently in the anime community, Nezuko becomes a big talk.

It doesn’t seem like her popularity will die down soon, seeing how many people try to cosplay her.

It is also worth noted that she is popular with both male and female audiences.

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