Squidward Tentacles Fans, Test Everything You Know About Him


What is Squidward's middle name?

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Where is Squidward's home address?

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Who is Squidward's father?

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Where was Squidward always sitting at lunch when he was little at his school?

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Squidward used to have long blonde hair. What is the cause of his hair loss?

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Who is Squidward's cousin?

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He once moved from Bikini Bottom to another town before returning. What is the name of that town?

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What kind of animal is Squidward?

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In the episode "Are You Happy Now" Squidward is known to have a phobia. What kind of fear does he have?

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Is Squidward right-handed or left-handed guy?

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Squidward is allergic to:

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Who is Squidward's arch-rival?

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Who is Squidward's mother?

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Who is the ancestor of Squidward from the names below?

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What's the name of the snail that became Squidward's pet?

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Since when did he make Squilliam as his arch-rival?

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What are Squidward eye colors?

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What is the name of Squidward's college?

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Squidward was once a babysitter. Who has he taken care of?

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Squidward once traveled to the future using the Krusty Krab freezer. How many years has he been thrown into the future?

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SpongeBob SquarePants is one of many television show hits from Nickelodeon.

It is known for the quirky characters cast and their dynamic, such as the always-optimistic SpongeBob, imbecilic Patrick Star, witty Sandy Cheeks, money-greed Mr. Krabs, and the one and only grumpy Squidward Tentacles.

Rather than being one-dimensional like other characters in this show, he is rather subtle with multiple nuances.

Also, he has more character developments compared to anybody else in this show.

Various Facts about Squidward Tentacles that Might Surprise You

Many fans see him as a character that easily relatable – proven by how many Squidward Tentacles memes on the internet.

He has dry sense and pessimistic humor while being sarcastic and witty at the same time.

Some people see him as despicable, and others see him as comforting.

Whether you see him as plain terrible or an unsung hero of the stories, here are several facts that you should know.

Essential facts about Mr. Squidward Tentacles

  1. Born as Squidward Q. Tentacles, he is a son of Jeff Tentacles and Mrs. Tentacles.
  2. He is happened to be a neighbor and co-worker of SpongeBob SquarePants, which he doesn’t precisely consider as a best friend. As a highly cynical, grumpy, and selfish character, he hates almost everything around him, including his job as a cashier in Krusty Krab.
  3. Many fans wonder about how old is Squidward, and when he is born. According to the fandom source, he is born on October 9, 1972, which makes him 48 years now.
  4. Squidward has a skinny body, nasal voice, yellow eyes with dark red irises, full mouth, and substantial droopy nose. Squidward Tentacles nose has a tendency of deflating and repeatedly inflating when he laughs.
  5. Despite the word ‘squid’ in his name, he is an octopus in a turquoise color that lives in Easter Island head. This fact also has been confirmed on multiple episodes and interviews. In the “Feral Friends” episode, it is stated that he is a giant Pacific octopus.
  6. Squidward has plenty of allergies that are shown throughout different episodes. Some of his known allergies, including snail slime, nuts, seaberries, and newsprint. However, his allergy about newsprint is considered as a lie by many fans because in the “Can you spare a dime” episode in season three, he stated it to avoid the job of holding a newspaper.
  7. Although bad temper is his defining trait, Squidward is one of the most educated and intelligent characters throughout the show. The cynical and pompous self-sense attitude caused him to fail to accept his shortcomings, as you can see on Squidward dancing, painting, or flute playing. His pursuit of fame comes off as annoyingly pretentious as he is unable and unwilling to recognize others’ talent and creativity. He also sees himself as underappreciated and misunderstood, often blaming others for his failures.  
  8. He used to sit near garbage cans to eat lunch during his childhood, as he is known to have fewer friends by people. He also rivals Squilliam Fancyson as a teenager, when they’re band classmate.

Interesting Squidward facts that you may not have known yet

  1. Squidward Tentacles initially has long blonde hair, which appeared on the “The Original Fry Cook” episode. Somewhere between 1998 and 1999, he was accepted as a part of the Krusty Krab team, with an employee named Jim. However, he lost all of his hair when he knew Jim decided to quit.
  2. Due to the fact that he is an octopus, he was initially going to be named as Octoward. His voice actor reveals this fact in the extra DVD content of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. As the actor felt like this Octoward name didn’t fit, they replaced it with the famous and iconic word ‘squid’ in the name.
  3. Squidward once had a girlfriend named Squilvia that appears in the episode “Love That Squid.” In the story, she visits Krusty Krabs and makes him fall in love. He even gets nervous when she is around. They finally go on a date, but their relationship can be considered as over as she is only a minor character.
  4. Squidward Tentacles voice actor has said that he became attached to the role as he is a second skin or alters ego. He also said it is quite exciting and unique that Squidward’s characteristics sometimes come out of h
  5. One of his paintings has made it to space! Bold and Brash is one of the many Squidward paintings. It depicts his naked caricature as the center of the art, but instead of having six limbs, it only has four, and with no mouth on top of that. This painting is seen floating in space through the asteroid belt when Sandy’s rocket is flying to the moon
  6. Amongst fandom, red mist Squidward is the famous scary version of him. It only shows his head, and it is still the same turquoise head as usual. However, the scary one has round and bulging eyes, with black pupils and crimson irises. It is different from Squidward’s rectangular eyes with maroon pupils. Bleeding black mascara is the defining trait of this character. It is also a direct reference to famous fandom suicide Squidward, popular meme creepypasta on the internet that has become a horror legend in the online world. The scary photo and video edits on social media and forums.
  7. Another version of Squidward Tentacles, which is the handsome Squidward has made an appearance recently as an art-piece for charity made by Portland-based artist called Mike Bennet. The artist said that he made plywood cutout cartoons to raise funds amid the pandemic that’s currently going on.

To deliver good news for fans, Nickelodeon is reportedly making a spin-off from the show called The Squidward Show with him as the main character.

It is told in the story in advance to events in Season 8 and 9, that he left Bikini Bottom to live his dream.

Who knows, maybe the clarinet-playing cashier will finally get some peace and quiet after living with rowdiest neighbor for a while and after all this time. 

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