Which Disney Princess Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out


Are you someone who is caring, protective, and kind to others, especially children, so they feel happy to be close to you?

Disney Princess 1

Are you someone who likes to alleviate a person's feelings of grief or distress?

Are you someone who has or shows care and conscientiousness in your work or duties?

Disney Princess 3

Are you someone who is feeling or inspiring optimism about a future event?

Disney Princess 4

Are you a person who has an obligation to do something, or have control over or care for someone, as part of your job or role?

Disney Princess 5

Do you think that you are someone who has grace or elegance?

Disney Princess 6

Are you a cheerful and lively person?

Disney Princess 7

Are you someone who has or shows a tendency to be easily annoyed or made angry?

Disney Princess 8

Are you someone who has an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline?

Disney Princess 9

Are you a person who thinks and acts not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed?

Disney Princess 10

Do you always act using or based on what you feel to be true even without conscious reasoning?

Disney Princess 11

Do you feel that you are an attractive person?

Disney Princess 12

Do you and those who know you think that you are a tactful person?

Disney Princess 13

Are you someone who is easy to not feeling nervousness, anger, or other emotions?

Disney Princess 14

Do you like to delay or postpone action?

Are you a person who is engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought?

Are you a person who continues firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition?

Are you someone who is resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering?

Are you a person who always shows or involves great activity or vitality?

Do you always feel anxious and uneasy?

Are you someone who is known to be able to show or characterized by an ability to think or respond quickly or effectively?

Are you a strong enough person to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling?

Are you someone who is ready to face and endure danger or pain and also show courage?

Are you someone who has the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing?

Which Disney Princess Are You?
Snow White

She has a motherly and affectionate nature, which is shown by how she takes care of the seven dwarves. Snow White is also a multitalented and influential Disney princess. She is occasionally carefree but always tries to comfort others.

She is a diligent and skillful Disney princess. Cinderella is also a carefree and good-hearted person and is always kind to everyone. Although her situation is still challenging due to her stepmother's behavior and two-step sisters, she is always hopeful and tactical to overcome her difficulties.

Although Aurora is a blissful and friendly disney princess, she is also a responsible princess. Other than that she is a graceful, poised and angelic girl.

Ariel is a Disney princess who is energetic and has an intense curiosity. Therefore she also collects unique items that are rarely found. She is too stubborn and disobedient to her father, but she is also a fun-loving and outgoing person.

Belle is an independent Disney princess. She is also a patient person but dares to speak her mind, and this is shown when she faces a scary and angry beast. But all those hard beast traits can be changed by her kind personality.

Pocahontas is an independent, free-spirited and adventurous disney princess. But she is also brave and remains calm when facing danger.

Mulan is a courageous and adventurous disney princess. She is also a selfless person who is shown by her willingness to replace her father on the battlefield. Luckily she is also a tomboyish, so it is easy to disguise herself as a male soldier.

Tiana is an passionate, highly talented, and intelligent disney princess. She is also an artistic and hardworking person. She showed these personalities with a willingness to collect money by working hard to buy the building that she craved.

Rapunzel is a kind, lovable, and curious Disney princess. But when experiencing a dangerous problem, she can show courage and determination to overcome the problem.

Merida is a headstrong, tough, and strong-willed person. But behind her tomboyish and rebellious nature, she is a kind Disney princess.

Moana is a sea lover, headstrong, and strong-willed Disney princess. But it was her courage that made her able to sail in the middle of the ocean alone to find Maui.

Jasmine is a kind-hearted and compassionate Disney princess, even though she's a bit short-tempered. She is also a free-spirited and rebellious person. On the other hand, she is also a romantic and somewhat flirty type.

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You all must have known Disney princesses or at least one Disney Princess. Names like Rapunzel, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Snow White, should be familiar to you. These princesses, who are of course beautiful, also have strong characters, so it’s no wonder that some of them endure and are remembered for all time. Therefore their fans have an extensive age range, ranging from children to the elderly.

A Look Into The Disney Princess Stories

The Disney Princesses are seen as perfection. They are never dull, they never have any problems and always make the people around them happy. The Disney Princesses are more than just beautiful women and children’s dreams; these are the best role models for girls, making them appreciate and proud themselves.

Belle is arguably the most popular Disney Princess. The story about how she became a princess is an amazing one. She bravely enters the castle, which is owned by a beast, in order to free her father. Belle fearlessly follows the beast’s requirements to stay in the castle and gradually pull the creature out of its isolation. In the end, Belle managed to destroy the spell given by the witch to the beast and change its form back into a man.

The plot of Cinderella has many twists and turns. The story is quite exciting. The stories itself is a bit different from other Disney princess stories. Cinderella is indeed the most popular because of her sweet smile, sweet voice, and innocent personality. Her life is full of happiness, and she has the greatest love of all time. However, she is also naive and easily tricked. Even though she tries to resist the bad things in life, she is not strong enough to hold back.

Rapunzel is another Disney Princess. She is very different from the other two. She does not want to be the princess and also does not like to be treated like one. She is dangerously naive and always does what she wants to do, and her freedom is her strength. She is kind, witty, and very agreeable. 

The Story of Snow White is also a classic story. It is an original story that was written long ago, and it is a great story. Snow White is the first Disney Princess made by Walt Disney. In Snow White’s story, the wicked Queen is cruel and has a great dislike for Snow White. 

The Queen tells the huntsman to kill her stepdaughter because she is not willing to be the title of the most beautiful woman that has been owned by her, taken over by Snow White. However, she cannot achieve her evil aims, thanks to the help of seven dwarfs.

The Evil Queen takes the form of an old hag. She is powerful and tricky and also has evil intentions. If you watch the movie, you will surely remember her face.

The meaning of the name of each Disney princess

The names of the Disney princesses are lovely and easy to remember. But besides these things, their names have beautiful meanings too. If you don’t know the purpose of their names, you can see them below.

Snow White

This name is adapted to the character of Snow White, who has snow white skin. This name is also to show the beauty and beauty that emanates within her.


Mulan is a name taken from Chinese, which means forest orchid. This name describes the figure of Mulan, who has a beauty that is admired by many people. She is not only beautiful, but Mulan also has a strong character.

She is not afraid of facing various obstacles and challenges, as well as her extraordinary ability to survive in a harsh environment. This character is similar to the nature of forest orchid plants.


The word Jane itself means the gift or gift from God. This name is used to describe Jane’s character, which is kind, perfect, and beautiful, like a gift given by God.


Jasmine is a name taken from Persian, which means flower. This name is very suitable to describe this princess from Aladdin’s animated film, which is a character that is admired and ‘fragrant,’ like the beauty possessed by flowers.


Ariel comes from the Hebrew word meaning lion god. This name suits Ariel’s strong and robust character. As shown in the film, Ariel has a role who does not give up easily and has a strong will.


Cinderella has the meaning of fine ash, or maybe precisely fine ash resulting from combustion. This name itself comes from French.

This name is very appropriate for describing Cinderella, who is beautiful, innocent, and kind-hearted, and willing to sacrifice for others, like burning wood to illuminate others but ends up in ash.


Like Belle’s beautiful character, the name Belle also means beautiful in French. Not only beautiful, but Belle is also a compassionate, outspoken, and selfless person.


Derived from the Algonquin language, Pocahontas means a cheerful girl. This name certainly illustrates the bright and upbeat character of Pocahontas.


Aurora comes from the Latin, meaning morning or early morning. As we know, the view of dawn is lovely and refreshing. This name suits Aurora, who is beautiful and charming, like the scenery in the morning.


Tiana is taken from Greek, which means royal princess. In the film, Tiana is indeed a princess who is paired with a frog prince.


Originally from Hebrew, Anna means friendly. This meaning depicts the warm and kind-hearted character of Anna in Frozen.


Merida is derived from the Celtic language, which means pearl. In the film, we know that Merida is portrayed as a beautiful, strong, invincible, and attractive girl like a pearl.


Elsa comes from Hebrew, which means God is my oath. This name is indeed used to describe the strong character of Elsa, who has a high will and can be in control because she is a leader.


Moana is taken from the Maori language, which means the ocean. Moana is indeed the figure of a girl who lives and loves the sea.

Well, that’s the meaning of the names of several Disney princesses. Which one is your favorite?

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