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What kind of species is Zero Two?

Zero Two 1
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Which organization does Zero Two belong to?

Zero Two 2
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As a parasite, what is the Zero Two code number?

Zero Two 3
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How tall is Zero Two?

Zero Two 4
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Who is Zero Two's relative?

Zero Two 5
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What are the side effects of driving Strelizia aggressively for Zero Two?

Zero Two 6
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Zero Two finally merged with her franxx steriliza and transformed into:

Zero Two 7
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What nickname was given to Zero Two after his co-pilot died while driving Franxx Strelizia?

Zero Two 8
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Zero Two always prioritizes her duty as a parasite over other tasks. This is because:

Zero Two 9
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Who made Zero Two?

Zero Two 10
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Whose DNA was used to make Zero Two?

Zero Two 11
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What was Zero Two's skin color when she was little?

Zero Two 12
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What was the title of the first book that was given to Zero Two when she was a child?

Zero Two 13
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What is Zero Two's most reliable hand?

Zero Two 14
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What thing does she always suck?

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Which of the following is not Zero Two's favorite food?

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What place does Zero Two want to visit?

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Which of the following is not a clone of the Zero Two cell?

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What is the name of the children's training ground that will become a parasite?

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When compared to the other girls in the squad in terms of height, where is Zero Two's height position?

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Zero Two
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If you are an otaku who is into mecha anime (anime genre that focuses on giant robots which tend to be heroic with big scale battles between them), you must be familiar with Darling in the Franxx.

This anime is about teenagers where they are recruited to control monstrous robots that are called Franxx in pairs between boys and girls to kill monsters to protect their elders and homeland.

The main protagonist, Hiro, is inconsistent with his appointed partner. He doesn’t outshine at controlling his Franxx until he runs into a pink-haired girl named Zero Two (002).

As the story goes on, it becomes clear that the anime is mainly about the bond between the pilots.

Zero Two: One of the Ultimate Waifu

Although Hiro is the main protagonist, Zero Two is the breakout star of this mecha anime. She is a heroine who has a strong and assertive demeanor and is determined to strengthen her bond with Hiro, her ‘darling’ to annihilate monsters.

As the story progresses, the pressure that she brings up to the squad 13 (Hiro’s team), her looks, and her personal feelings towards Hiro generate some of the most excellent parts of this anime.

Zero Two is One of the Popular Waifu Material

You must be curious about what makes Zero Two so popular among the otakus. Everyone instantaneously falls in love with her when DITF first broadcasted in 2018.

Even after a year, Zero Two bot still becomes one of the best Discord’s bots. The answer is quite apparent; she is a waifu bait character.

It means in the first place; she expected to be a waifu material. To explain that, all waifu characters must have attractive looks and characteristics that attract various kinds of viewers. 

What Makes Zero Two Popular?

Zero Two created to appeal to the otakus in both romantic and sexual ways. She quickly transformed from a ferocious girl into a gentle girl.

To understand this topic well, let’s analyze the reasons behind her popularity.

  1. The Anime

DITF is quite popular among mecha anime fans. Currently, the popularity ranked as #91 on MyAnimeList. Zero Two, this pinked-hair girl is bound to be popular as 19.589 people on MyAnimeList marked her as their favorite character.

  1. Characterization
  • Self-centered: It can be said that Zero Two is the most self-centered character in DITF. She frequently uses people to the extent that she kills them. She does all those vile things, so one day she can be reunited again with her Darling. She is morally unstable, which makes her revolve around self-profit. She is a control freak and dominating over the things she considers her.
  • Lack of relationship skills: Fighting is how Zero Two is looking for comfort. Until she meets Hiro, the one who shows her some kindness to the extent that she latches onto him. Hiro is not an object for her as she doesn’t know much about bonding. Thus, being paired with Hiro allows her to understand how a relationship works.
  • Heartless and apathetic: Zero Two comes out insensitive and indifferent towards others. In the very first episodes, she portrayed as an arrogant girl who thinks so highly of herself, and she only interacts with Hiro. She also only acts all nice and sweet with Hiro. She has no consideration whether her actions will affect others or not.  
  • Character development: Her fondness towards Hiro increases with time, her affection towards all the rest of the squad to be precise. She wants to be human. She tries so hard to fit in since her social skills can’t help her. It is understandable since she has no chance to learn all those things. Hence, she uses Hiro.
  1. Physical Appearance
  • Kid: When she was a child, she looked a lot more like a red-skinned monster with long sharp nails and fangs. Her eye color was just the same, but her sclera was red rather than white. Her horns were much more significant than her head, and her hair was light pink. She also wore a grey cloak.
  • Teenager: When she grows up, she has fair skin. Her figure is quite slim and athletic, and she’s the tallest girl among the other girls in the squad. She has long pink hair and a pair of red horns protruding on her head. She also has sharp eyes with cyan shades.
  1. Physical Ability

It is not only the appearance that makes Zero Two become the ultimate waifu, but also her physical ability.

From swimming in a lake to helping Hiro with ease to successfully piloting a robot that can lift a gigantic worm from the ground, we can see she is that girl we can never belittle.

There are several reasons why she is so powerful.

  • Klaxosaur blood: The klaxosaur blood that runs in her veins enhances her sensory perception and physical skills. 
  • Survived tremendous strain in controlling the robot: Other pilots might have killed due to the massive amount of stamina they need to release when lifting that ginormous worm. You must remember that in DITF, the pistil integrated into the robot in both mind and body. It means the actions are mainly the result of both Zero’s willpower and durability.
  • Zero’s leg strength: Normally, legs are the strongest muscle in the human body and have a significant role in moving our body. So, does Zero’s leg. Asides from being physically powerful, she’s also pretty quick. She can do multiple backflips in a small place without using too much energy. After all, she is not human. Thus, it is quite apparent that she has superhuman capabilities.

Apart from having an attractive appearance, Zero Two has many traits that are deemed as a part of her attractiveness for otakus.

Although she appears as a girl with many negative characteristics in the first episodes, the development of her character makes many people instantly love her.

She is unreachable except for Hiro, the male protagonist. She is also impulsive and bold.

Those are the reasons why she becomes one of the ultimate waifu for anime lovers.

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